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Guidance Counseling Program

What is an elementary School counselor?

I am an educator with a counseling focus to promote the development of the whole child – academic, emotional and social.  I am available to all students, staff and parents.  My role is to assist students in developing the skills that will help them reach their potential and become productive members of society.  I address the needs of students by introducing them to skills they can use to effectively meet life’s challenges and obstacles while developing respect and appreciation for themselves and others.


What services do school counselors offer students?

Classroom Guidance Lessons

As the counselor I research, plan, develop and teach lessons 7-8 times a year in each grade.   These topics are from one of the three main guidance topic areas of academic, personal and career development.  The lessons are based on Indiana State Guidance Standards.  Lessons cover the topics of: Bullying, Tattling, character traits, responsibility, goal setting, citizenship, conflict resolution, body safety (good touch bad touch) and other topics as identified by staff.


Individual Counseling

Students may request to see me at any time,on an as-needed basis.  They can also be referred for short term counseling by a parent , guardian or teacher.  Short term counseling is designed to assist the student in coping with an issue that is impacting their academic performance.  Parental consent is required to see the counselor for more that a few sessions.

Group Counseling

Groups are offered periodically during the year as needed to provide a focused small group setting where students can practice skills in a peer group.  These groups typically last from 4-6 sessions with the constant peer group. Topics are developed as determined to meet the needed of the targeted group of students.


Mini group Counseling

Groups are offered throughout to each grade to address needs of students.  These typically last 3-4 sessions.  Topics are developed as needed and have included the following: Student Skills, Self Calming Techniques, Divorce  and Being a Good Friend topics will be added as the need arises.


Other Items

As the counselor I also coordinate events and activities as Red Ribbon Week, Perfect Attendance or other items as needed.  I also compile available community resources for referrals and suggestions to help families seeking outside services.


Making an appointment

Please feel free to contact me at the school 812-738-4183, ext. 4026, via e-mail (lonec@shcsc.k12.in.usor ask in the office.

Cheryl LoCheryl Lonene

Guidance Counselor

Corydon Elementary School