Two female nursing students
Two female students filling out career inventory sheets alongside two female business leaders
picture of a group of individuals looking at what appears to be plans on a table with the words " We want to hear from you"
picture of the South Harrison App icon with a red notification circle with a 1 inside of it and the words Push Notifications
a report card with several subjects and grades listed with the words "Viewing Report Cards in Harmony Family Access"
Girl student sitting at table looking off to the side
autumn leaf with the words "fall break 2022"
military uniform
girl with graduation cap and gown on
woodshop machines
pic of teachers in auditorium watching a presentation
picture of the Harmony Family Access banner with the words Complete Your 22-23 Registration Paperwork
picture of a school lunch tray with food on it
picture of a generic calendar page with a date circled
pic of PLC at Work Institute
Three girls standing in a group talking to an older women
Teacher extending a hand shake to new student
Mrs. Barb Smith holding a certificate for award